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    Yukio Fujita now feels that since there are people in Chongqing Zhongtong who want to secretly cooperate, the cooperation must be kept even more secret. As the person who specifically carried out this cooperation, Yuan Shiheng's importance increased greatly in his mind.

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    Soon, No. 39 Desheng Road was surrounded by spies. Especially the spies who went to the back of No. 39 Desheng Road assigned a special person to come back and report that this room had a sealed back door. unique.

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    Doesn't this just show that Li Denian is an anti-Japanese element hiding in the Stone City Branch of our secret service headquarters? Li Denian must have other accomplices in Stone City, and there must be a connection between them. Perhaps after I detained Li Denian, making it impossible for his accomplices to contact Li Denian again, or his accomplices discovered that Li Denian had been detained by us to prevent Li Denian from confessing. admitted to us, they murdered him. Personally, I think this possibility is very high, which is why the shooting happened tonight. Yan Fuzhi spoke out a set of arguments that he had thought of in advance.

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    Yin Qunli pointed to the Zhongtong spy being escorted by his subordinates, and replied: "Did you see the man whose face was beaten and his face swollen? He is Yuan Datou's subordinate, and he is responsible for following the comrade Xu Wu, who revealed his identity. Now, even Xu Wu, comrade has left the city, but according to him, on your wedding day, he followed comrade Xu Wu , but he was framed as a thief by someone in the crowd and According to his judgment, at that time and among the people they fought, there must have been our comrades who were cooperating with the comrades. Xu Wu to escape, so Yan Fuzhi ordered me to take him around to catch people with wounds on their faces. This must be guarded against in the organization. -Comrades who cooperated with comrade Xu Wu to escape is still in Stone City, and sooner or later they will be discovered."